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Rule & Regulations

Dear Parents / Guardian
  • Co-operation between you and us is of a great importance. We can do nothing without your cooperation in bringing out the best in the child thus making them the good leader of our Motherland. Ours is a joint responsibility.
  • Please see that your child is punctual to school, neatly dressed in full school uniform.
  • Check the daily diary for daily task and other information and sign whenever necessary.
  • Kindly keep a check on the Report Card,  the attendance and leave a record of your child.
  • Report to the authorities immediately for any discrepancies.
  • Do not disturb the teachers during class hours.
  • Kindly sign in the diary to acknowledge the receipt of any circular.
  • Visitors are not allowed to interview the class teachers and pupils in their respective classrooms during the school hours. In urgent cases, students may be contacted only by the school authorities.
  • No official business will be transacted on holidays and after the office hours.
  • Kindly report any change in the address or telephone numbers to the school.
  • If a student is seriously ill or suffering from an infection or contagious diseases,  she/he should not be sent to school. A leave application which is there in the diary has to be filled and submitted to the class teacher. 

Disciplinary Measures
It is the duty of every student
              1.To study diligently and be punctual in attendance. Success is not possible unless a pupil studies at least three to four hours each day at home.

              2.To obey the instructions of the Principal and the teachers without question.

             3.To come to school with all necessary textbooks and writing materials and be duly prepared for the lessons.

             4.To come to school in time, clean, well-groomed and neatly dressed. Pupil coming without full uniform or dressed in a casual manner will not be admitted to the classrooms.

                      Monday  to Friday:  Regular School uniform                                                                                                                         

                      Saturday: White Uniform.    

             5.To keep his place clean and tidy in the classroom.

            6.To enter the classroom take place immediately after the bell rings. To enter and leave the classroom only with the teacher’s permission.

            7.To be respectful to the Principal and teachers and greet them politely and courteously.

            8.To protect the school property, to be careful of his personal things and belongings of his colleagues.

            9.To cherish the honor his school and class, defend it as his own.

          10.Not to leave the school premises without prior permission from the Principal’s office.

          11.To submit leave application to the class teacher before taking leave in the format given in the diary duly signed by the parent/guardian.

          12.Bringing mobile in school is strictly prohibited.

          13.Bringing vehicles in school is strictly prohibited.Students found guilty of infringeNote:f the above rules of conduct and discipline that goes against the school, shall be liable                    for action.Bicycles, books, stationery, bag, tiffin box and other belongings should bear the name and class of the owner. The school is not responsible for any loss.

          14.As the medium of instruction in the school is English, all are encouraged and urged to speak English in the school premises.

          15.No collection for any celebration should be made without prior permission of the Principal.

Forbidden Practices

                                                             1. Theft or cheating
                                                             2. Use of violence in any form
                                                             3. Rowdism or other insolent behavior.
                                                             4. Use of intoxicants
                                                             5. Truancy 

                          Note: The following disciplinary measures may be taken by the school in dealing with erring pupils/defaulters who indulge in any of the forbidden practices in the school
                                    a. warning b.   Fine c. rustication for the period to be specified d.   expulsion 


                                  Application for transfer certificate should be given in prescribed format at least 8 days in advance by Parents / Guardians of Pupil concerned in the month of April                                     immediately after the results if failing one month’s fee will be charged.

                                 If a student is applying for a transfer certificate in the middle of the session, is required to inform the Principal, in writing one calendar month in advance and  no                                        fees will be refunded and the fees will be charged  for the unpaid months .

Fee Rules
                      1.The management reserves  the right to enhance the fee from time to time

                      2.Fees once paid will not be refunded on any account.

                      3.Fees are to be paid for the whole session on any account. No reduction is made on account of vacation or broken periods or any change in session.

                      4.All payments are  to be made by 5th of the month in which they fall due .

                     5.A fine of Rs 10/- will be charged per month after the 5th of the same month till the fees is paid up .

                     6.Card must be brought at the time of fees payment.


  • There would be three evaluations in one session.
  • A student should have at least a minimum of 75% class days attendance per term.
  • Every student will be issued an admit card for each examination.
  • Students or Parents should collect the admit card from the office only after clearing all the dues.
  • Students without admit cards will on no account be permitted to sit for the exams.
  • No re-exam will be taken if a student fails to appear in any  exam .